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Billet Roller Camshafts

Updated 7-19-18 We are now stocking all cam grinds from stage 1.1 through stage 3 so there is no longer a 10 day wait to have your cam order ground and shipped! Cams will ship out next day after order is placed.
BOPORT 2.3 ford camshafts are dyno developed cams, all of which are specifically designed turbo cams with different intended purposes.
We do not advertise detailed lobe timing events of our camshafts on this site. We have worked hard to dyno develop our camshafts and do not feel like giving away that information to our competitors. What we do include is the important information about each cam's running characteristics, valve lift (to ensure the cam will mechanically fit), and we also publish recommended spring pressure requirements to ensure stable valvetrain operation with our cam lobe profiles. Cam timing cards are available with purchase of your cam. All camshafts are designed to be installed "straight-up" in terms of timing, the advance or retard is built into the cam. For ultimate performance of your BOPORT cam, we recommend you dial your camshaft in with use of an adjustable cam gear and compare these timing changes on a dynometer or race track.  

All BOPORT camshafts are reduced base circle by design, which in hydraulic applications requires your HLA's (lifters) to be shimmed upwards to take up this distance. We include a shim kit with every hydraulic cam we sell, engineered for a perfect fit. Special attention must be paid to ensure proper oil flow to the HLA's after shimming. Which is accomplished by extended groove HLA's designed specifically for shimming. Factory narrow groove HLA's will not work properly. We offer these extended groove HLA's at a discounted price when purchased with our cams. Also included is complete instructions with diagrams to assist you with the installation. If you find the instructions to be unclear or you have additional questions, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to assist you either over the phone or by email. The reduced base circle design will slightly alter your effective rocker arm ratio. All BOPORT hydraulic profile cams are designed to be used with factory valve lengths and heights. The supplied valve lift figures are "at the valve" measurements measured with zero lash, and based off a factory valve height.

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Stage 1.1 cam Stage 1.1 cam
Stage 1.1 The 1.1 is designed for enthusiasts seeking a cam that offers maximum low rpm power in addition to a moderate…
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Stage 1.5 cam Stage 1.5 cam
Stage 1.5 One of our most popular turbo cams for the street, the 1.5 is emphasized for larger power increases (up to a …
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Stage 1.9 cam Stage 1.9 cam
Stage 1.9 For maximum performance with stock valved hydraulic heads, we offer the stage 1.9. Expect brutal top-end powe…
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Stage 2.1 Cam Stage 2.1 Cam
The stage 2.1 cam was designed for excellent broad power without the expense of reduced drive-ability. Popular with dail…
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Stage 2.5 Cam Stage 2.5 Cam
Expect similar street drive-ability characteristics of the stage 2.1, however this cam's powerband is shifted upward…
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Stage 3 Cam Stage 3 Cam
The stage 3 cam is designed for those seeking maximum power output from a hydraulic profile cam, who are not concerned w…
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Stage 4 Stage 4
Mechanical roller camshaft with .340" lobe lift- valve lift will vary from .600"-.620" depending on your …
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Stage 3X Cam- NEW! Stage 3X Cam- NEW!
This camshaft is a solid roller cam that is the stage 3's "big brother" with increased valve lift (.585IN/…
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Stage 2.1X cam NEW! Stage 2.1X cam NEW!
The 2.1's "big brother" is here. If you like the rpm range of the 2.1 but are searching for a little more …
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