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Ford 2.3 Turbo Head Services

Ford 2.3 Turbo Head Services

Product Information

Below are some of the main services we offer to assist with your performance 2.3 head build. If you do not see the services you seek listed below, please contact us. If you are looking for many of the below services and parts, please check out some of our cast iron and aluminum head packages available in the products section. These services are not available for direct purchase off of our site, please email us to place an order and arrange shipping of your head to us for work to be performed. The below quotes are assuming you send us a head that is ready to be worked on (mostly clean and disassembled). If the head is not cleaned and/or still assembled, there will be an additional $50 charge.

Stage 1 porting
The best bang for the buck porting option if you are on a budget. Our stage 1 port usually outflows other shop's FULL porting. This level of porting focuses on blending of the valve seat angles into the bowl and short turn of the port, where the largest airflow gains are achieved (even more-so with oversized valves).

Cast Iron- $350
Aluminum- $300

Stage 2 Porting
Same as our stage 1 porting, with the addition of work performed around the guide bosses and some valve unshrouding in the combustion chamber for further flow gains.

Iron $600
Aluminum $500

Stage 3 Porting
There is no question why our stage 3 porting is used in more of the highest power producing 2.3 turbo cars than any other competitor combined . Let us help YOU reach your wildest goals with our stage 3 porting option, custom for your application.

Cast Iron- $850
Aluminum- $700

Stage 4 Porting
Cast Iron- $1200
Aluminum- $850

Exhaust manifold Porting
Looking for high flow with a factory look? Send in your core and we will fully port your E6 turbo exhaust manifold for maximum flow. We can port match it for a stock cast iron head, our stage3 iron head or your aluminum head- please specify when ordering.  $295

Performance Valve Job
Machine your head's valve seats with a top of the line Sunnen VGS-20 seat and guide machine for either your stock or oversized valves with our flow bench developed seat cutters.

Stock Diameter Valves- $175
Oversized Valves- $225

Head Surfacing
Machine your head flat and provide a perfect sealing surface for your new gasket $85

Guide work
Machine for and install new cast iron guides (includes final sizing) $120

Install Hardened Exhaust seat inserts
Machine for and install hardened exhaust seat inserts to dramatically extend the life of your cast iron 2.3 head - includes seats (valve job additional) $120

Install Cam Bearings
(includes bearings) $85

Assembly Labor
This includes any general set-up, blueprinting, geometry adjusting and assembly of any combination of parts. $85/hr
Installing our hydraulic cam kit? No charge.

Flow Testing Labor
Standard intake and exhaust flow test $100
Any additional velocity recording, valve testing, port development $100/hr

Welding Labor
Install cam tower straps (for high rpm solid lifter applications) includes straps $195
Aluminum head repair (minimum 1 hr) $120/hr

Price: $1.00

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