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Gaskets and Fasteners
Gaskets, studs and other fasteners

Gaskets and Fasteners
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Freeze Plug Set Freeze Plug Set
Don't risk a leak on your fresh engine rebuild, this brass freeze plug kit will ensure a trouble-free cooling system…
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Copper Header Gasket Copper Header Gasket
These are the only gaskets we have found that can hold up to the extreme temps turbo engines produce. They are re-usable…
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Street/Strip Head Gasket Street/Strip Head Gasket
Performance Head gasket for Street/Strip turbo applications. We recommend this gasket for builds where the block and hea…
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High Performance Head Gasket High Performance Head Gasket
This high performance head gasket is recommended for performance applications where the block and head deck flatness is …
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ARP Head Stud kit ARP Head Stud kit
BACK IN STOCK 9-16-22 LIMITED QUANTITY!!We recommend and use high quality ARP head studs for all high performance turbo …
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ARP Main Stud Kit ARP Main Stud Kit
BACK IN STOCK 6-24-22! Got your bottom end apart for upgrades? Significantly increase the strength of your mains with th…
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Intake Manifold Gasket- STD Intake Manifold Gasket- STD
This is the intake gasket we recommend for most street/strip applications when running factory coolant line routing. Hea…
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Intake Manifold Gasket- Race Intake Manifold Gasket- Race
This heavy duty constructed intake manifold gasket is recommend for high performance and race applications where coolant…
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Upper/Lower Manifold Gasket Upper/Lower Manifold Gasket
Heavy duty upper/lower intake manifold gasket. Special coating makes this gasket seal very well but remove easy when ser…
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Header Bolts Header Bolts
These special small diameter bolts are the best fitting bolts we have found for performance 2.3 header applications wher…
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T3 Turbo inlet Gasket T3 Turbo inlet Gasket
Stainless steel turbine inlet gasket for standard T3 pattern. …
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T4 Turbo Inlet Gasket T4 Turbo Inlet Gasket
Stainless steel T4 turbine inlet gasket…
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ARP Undercut Head Studs ARP Undercut Head Studs
ARP Undercut Head Studs for Aluminum Heads These undercut head studs feature a reduced diameter rolled shank which prov…
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Intake Manifold Gasket Set EFI Intake Manifold Gasket Set EFI
Intake Manifold Gasket Set This set includes all of the replacement gaskets for your EFI 2.3 Ford Intake manifold (inli…
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Engine Gakset Set Engine Gakset Set
Complete Engine Gakset Kit This Fel-Pro gasket kit includes every gasket for the 2.3 engine. Great for when rebuilding …
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Exhaust Manifold Bolts Exhaust Manifold Bolts
These high grade steel ARP exhaust manifold bolts are a great replacement for rusted factory bolts. Price is for 8 bolts…
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Aluminum head Insert Washers Aluminum head Insert Washers
Help prevent the common problem with aluminum head bolt holes collapsing and washers sinking into the head, loosing fast…
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ARP Rod Bolts ARP Rod Bolts
ARP Rod Bolts The factory 2.3 rod bolts are the first weak link in the bottom end when rpm and HP is increased. For mi…
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ARP Flywheel Bolts ARP Flywheel Bolts
Rev limiters and high rpm and sheer the factory flywheel bolts- ask us how we know! These pro series flywheel bolts from…
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Valve cover Gasket Valve cover Gasket
This is hands down the best valve cover gasket for your 2.3 engine. OEM quality, leak free and completely reusable. It i…
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