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10 Degree Retainers (solid roller) 10 Degree Retainers (solid roller)
These heavy duty 10 degree chromoly steel retainers are the perfect fit for our solid roller springs and allow ample rol…
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Oversized High Flow Valves Oversized High Flow Valves
These high flow oversized stainless steel valves are the same we use with our head builds. They are longer than stock a…
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Valve spring shims Valve spring shims
These shims are designed to fit in the spring pockets of factory unmodified heads to reduce installed height and boost s…
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Stock Diameter Stainless Steel Valves Stock Diameter Stainless Steel Valves
Stock Diameter Stainless Valves These valves are designed for those looking to upgrade to a aftermarket high flow repla…
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Valvetrain Kit Valvetrain Kit
Valves, Springs, Retainers and Locks Eliminate the hassle and confusion when tracking down valvetrain components for yo…
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Drop-in Performance Springs for Stock heads Drop-in Performance Springs for Stock heads
"Drop-In" Performance Springs for Stock Heads These high quality PACALOY springs are designed for stock inst…
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Reconditioned Roller Followers Reconditioned Roller Followers
These go through an initial hot chemical wash and then are inspected for any pitting or corrosion. Bearing radial and ax…
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Hydraulic Roller Valve Springs Hydraulic Roller Valve Springs
Performance Hydraulic Roller These springs are designed for more radical hydraulic roller camshafts with increased valv…
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Solid Roller Dual Springs Solid Roller Dual Springs
Ideal for use with our stage 4 cams or other cams up to .650" lift. These install at 1.80" and yield 165# on t…
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Chromoly Spring  Retainers Chromoly Spring Retainers
Chromoly Spring Retainers These 7 degree chromoly retainers are a perfect match for most single and double valve srping…
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Performance HLA's Performance HLA's
Performance 2.3 wide groove HLA'sThese are the correct type HLA to be used when shimming reduced base circle cams. T…
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Solid Lifter Kit Solid Lifter Kit
Ready to step up to a solid cam? This kit includes all the necessary parts to convert your head to solid lifter. These s…
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10 deg. Valve locks 10 deg. Valve locks
Machined chromoly steel jumbo 10 degree valve locks for solid roller or hydraulic roller with high pressure valve spring…
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HLA Shims HLA Shims
If You are using a reduced base circle camshaft or changing valve tip height, you need to maintain the HLA's same .0…
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valve locks valve locks
Performance 7 degree valve locks for applications using aftermarket single groove (not factory multi-groove) valves. Ava…
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Beehive Valve Springs Beehive Valve Springs
These light-weight ovate wire PAC springs are the perfect fit for reliable high-rpm hydraulic roller and flat tappet cam…
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Beehive Spring and Retainer Kit Beehive Spring and Retainer Kit
This ultra-light spring and heavy duty 10* retainer kit includes everything you need to convert to beehive springs using…
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Beehive Valvetrain Kit Beehive Valvetrain Kit
This engineered kit will allow high lift (up to .600") in stock heads without any special machine work machine work…
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NEW! 7mm Beehive Spring and Retainer Kit NEW! 7mm Beehive Spring and Retainer Kit
This beehive spring and chromoly retainer kit is designed for the late model dual spark plug heads with the smaller 7mm …
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Timing Belt and Tensioner Kit Timing Belt and Tensioner Kit
While you are upgrading your cam or cylinder head, it's a good idea to replace your timing belt and tensioner while …
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